In the greater CrossFit pantheon, Rich Froning Jr.’s resume is largely unassailable. After an Individual career where he captured four Men’s CrossFit Games titles, Froning Jr. transitioned to a successful Teams career where he led six consecutive squads to championships. With all his accomplishments in mind, the living legend is ready for something new.

During an Oct. 25, 2022, episode of The Sevan Podcast, Froning Jr. announced that he plans to retire from the CrossFit Teams division. The 35-year-old noted that he enjoyed his run at the head of Team Mayhem Freedom — the most successful Team in CrossFit Games history — but is now planning for the future.

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Froning Jr. might not be calling it quits forever. While he’s putting a bow on his major Individual and Teams career, the athlete noted he might compete in the CrossFit Masters division in the future. (Note: He isn’t the first long-time CrossFit competitor to announce plans to hang up his kettlebells in some fashion in October 2022.) For now, he seems to be settling into a calmer life, away from the sport and with his family.

The athlete offered more clarity on what might be in store for him in an Oct. 25 Instagram post.

“I’ve had an incredible career to this point as an Individual and on a Team,” Froning Jr. expressed. “From now on, whether I compete will be decided on a year-to-year basis depending on what season of life we’re in and how this old body feels.”

The competitor signed off with a word of thanks and appreciation for the greater CrossFit community.

“Thank you to our [CrossFit Mayhem] family and the rest of the [CrossFit] community for lifting us up during competition, you guys are the best fans in all of sports,” Froning Jr. wrote. “I’m sure I’ll see you all again on the floor sometime in the future, but until then … thank you!”

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When accounting for his Individual (four) and Teams victories (six), Froning Jr. is comfortably the most decorated CrossFitter of all time. (Note: Only fellow CrossFit legend Mat Fraser has earned more Individual Men’s titles, with five.) Froning Jr. also possesses an impeccable record of consistency. Save for the 2020 CrossFit Games — where the Team competition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic — the athlete finished, in some fashion, on every Games podium since 2010.

As he looks to a life without competitive CrossFit on his mind (for now), Froning Jr. leaves behind an indelible legacy. It’s the end of a memorable era for one of the sport’s most accomplished greats.

Featured image: @richfroning on Instagram

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