Watch This 80-Year-Old Deadlift 150 Kilograms (330.7 Pounds) On His Birthday


Most people will probably celebrate their birthday with a big, festive cake. They might even get some candles, presents, and confetti. And maybe Norwegian athlete Magne did all that for his 80th birthday, but he also deadlifted 150 kilograms (30.7 pounds).

On Sept. 19, 2022, an Instagram post from SATS Norge in Oslo, Norway, featured Magne — whose last name and body weight wasn’t publicized — completing the pull. Per the caption of the post, it’s a new personal record (PR) for the athlete. Magne managed the eye-opening feat by using an overhand grip and a conventional stance while wearing a lifting belt

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After completing a successful lockout, Magne walked his loaded barbell back into his rack instead of dropping the weight. He notably took several steps while fully locked out before finally releasing his pull. Magne’s accomplishment seemed to be met with universal praise by onlookers who uproariously congratulated him for reaching the impressive milestone as he started another decade on Earth. 

According to the translated caption of the post, this deadlift benchmark was a long-standing ambition of the athlete’s. Magne and his physical therapist had previously wanted to time out this massive pull so that he would notch it when he turned 80. That’s because, the considerable strength aside, this deadlift had additional sentimental meaning to it for the athlete. 

His wife is physically handicapped. Magne is training to be strong enough to help her so that she can continue to live at home.

Magne is an official member of SATS Norge, a Norwegian gym that emphasizes full-body workouts. According to the organization’s website, the gym offers different extensive programs ranging from indoor running and cycling to strength training and demanding HIIT routines. Members can work out on their own, with a certified personal trainer, or even sign up for collaborative group sessions in the confines of the gym’s complex. 

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At the time of this writing, it is unclear how long Magne has been training with SATS Norge. Judging by these noteworthy results, it seems apparent he’s getting precisely what he wants out of his commitment. If this is the high standard the newly-minted 80-year-old establishes with his deadlift, it might only be a matter of time before he reaches even greater heights. 

Featured image: @satsnorge on Instagram


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