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Are you worried about your knee pain when bending? Old age often brings problems with it. Bending, standing, and sitting for hours can bring pain to the knees and legs. Also, wear and Tear of knees while bending can be due to bones, ligaments, muscles, or tendons in the joints of the knees. Besides old age, the other factor behind the painful knees is the extremely high body weight. If you apply at least three kg of pressure to your knees, you will bear weight, affecting how you bend, run, or walk. So Why does my knee hurt when I bend it? And what are treatment options for it? This blog will take you through possible causes & treatments of knee pain while bending. 

What does it feel like to have a knee injury or knee pain?

Depending on person to person and the situation to situation, there can be different types of pains that you may feel while bending. Knock injuries may lead to sharp shooting and dull aches or burning pain in your knees. 

  • If you notice swelling in your knees and feel like your knees are becoming tender to touch, it is high time to see the doctor and get some help.
  • Sometimes you may feel difficulty bending, strengthening, or bearing weight on your knees. 
  • You may also feel that your knees get stuck or locked in one place, or you may also feel like your bones are cracking together. 
  • Situations may also arise where you may feel that your knee cannot support you while walking.

What could be the reasons behind knee pain?

There can be a lot of reasons behind knee pain. As discussed above, there are two major factors for Methane one is old age, and the other one is excessive or unexplained weight. Moreover, a few of the causes of knee pain are described below: 

    • Meniscus tears: meniscus is c-shaped cartilage in the knees of each leg. The wear and tear of the meniscus can often lead to pain while bending, standing, or even sitting.
    • Runner’s knee: if you feel pain while running, there can be chances that you may have developed pain in the front of your knee bone called the patella.
  • Sprained ligaments: Damage to the fibrous tissue that holds bones and joints together, the ligaments.
  • Tendonitis: inflammation of your tendons

We often go through situations where we meet accidents and injuries at old age. If old age injuries are not corrected at the right time, it can lead to chronic pain that flares up occasionally while bending, standing, or sitting and strengthening the body with a little exercise.

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What are the most common causes of knee pain while bending or squatting?

Why does my knee hurt when I bend it
Why does my knee hurt when I bend it

Why does my knee hurt when I bend it? ? We’re glad you asked! There can be many reasons behind knee pain while bending and doing any other activity. A few of the common reasons for knee pain are described below:

  • A dislocated kneecap – 

It is a frequent injury that usually heals in 6 weeks. It’s common in sports and dance, and it happens when the leg is placed on the ground and you take a rapid step or shift directions.

  • Iliotibial band syndrome:

This syndrome brings a burning sensation to your knees which ultimately radiates to your hip and thigh and produces inflammation. This pain can disturb you while walking or doing brisk running.

This type of pain develops when you have inflammation because of the cushions in your knees or joints that can bring swelling and pain.

  • Osgood-Schlatter disease:

This is another type of medical condition where you develop pain and swelling at the point where the patellar tendon meets the top of your shin bone.

This is the type of arthritis that brings wear and tear not only to knees but all types of joints over time. This particular type of disease brings pain, swelling, and stiffness to your body and all the bones involved. It is the condition where you can have broken, painful, and cracking bones anytime in your life. Moreover, there is no solution for this disease, and the doctor can only help you treat the broken bones you may encounter.

The pain in these tendons can bring swelling, burning, and cracking to your knee cap.

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Other causes of knee pain when bending include: 

  • Baker’s cyst: which type of tissue brings swelling at the back of your knees. This can be because of old age and because you have lost the fluid between the joints. This brings tightness and swelling to your joints.
  • Hamstring tendonitis: inflammation of these types of bones can bring pain behind the knees and thigh portion.
  • Knee injury: sometimes, you may meet an accident where you may develop a knee injury because of the cuts and hits to the joints and ligaments of your knees. This can bring sharp pain and swelling, which may be difficult to remove or correct because of old age. In such a condition, you may feel difficulty walking, bending, or strengthening your knees.
  • Quadriceps tendonitis: This situation can bring pain above or in front of your knees.

Mild to severe pain behind the knee while bending

Suppose you or anyone you know experiences pain behind your knees while bending or doing any other activity. In that case, the most probable reason can be Baker’s cyst, hamstring tendonitis, or a knee injury.

Sharp pain in my knee while bending.

If you feel sharp pain while bending, the most likely reason can be that you may have developed torn ligaments or a meniscus fracture.

Pain at the top of kneecap while bending

You may also feel pain above your knees, which can be because of the following reasons:

How the doctors or practitioners may work with you to diagnose the inner knee pain while bending?

If you have developed knee pain and visit your nearby doctor, your doctor may ask you about the symptoms and any medical history involved. The doctor will carry out the complete screening test and check the stability of your knees while bending, sitting, standing, or performing any activity or movement of your knees.

They may recommend you a few screening tests like:

  •  X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Blood test

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What are the prime treatments for knee pain while bending?

Even if you feel pain and swelling in your joints or any other body part, there is nothing more viable than doing a little exercise. Exercise brings strength to the body and helps fight various problems you may suffer from the injury. These problems may include numbness, painful events or vibrations, further bone damage because of no activity, etc.

RICE method – 

Why does my knee hurt when I bend it
Why does my knee hurt when I bend it

RICE is the short form for the different words in a single row:

  • Rest — do complete rest and avoid bearing weight on your knees. This will allow your tissues to rest and heal faster.
  • Ice — you can apply ice to your knees wrapped in a towel or plastic bag. Keep the ice on your knee joints for at least 20 minutes and proceed with this method at least three to four times per day.
  • Compress — you can use compression bandages. Wrap the knee with compression bandages, which will help provide heat to your painful portion.
  • Elevate — whenever possible, you can try elevating your knees above the position of your heart. That will help you reduce pain in your knees and give you time to think about your painful events. Also, this will help the blood flow in different directions, thereby reducing swelling and painful vibrations.

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Conclusion –

Sometimes, you cannot fight diseases like osteoarthritis. You can only help yourself after you develop painful events with medications and treat them with medicines and exercise. If you feel extreme knee pain while bending and doing any other activity, you can avoid doing the movements for the time being. The best way to reduce pain is to stop overusing the body part. You can do low-impact activities or strengthening exercises. You can also try losing weight, which will put less pressure on your knees. Hope you understand now ” Why does my knee hurt when I bend it”.


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