Earn Rewards When You Work Out


Did you know that you can get more than just a great workout by using adidas Training and adidas Running? Our motivating challenges, races, and workouts reward you beyond your fitness and health.

Enter adidas adiClub: you can earn customer loyalty program points when you use our apps, which you can use to unlock four levels of exclusive adidas goodies.

Millions of our members around the world are discovering the benefits of adiClub every day. Download or open the adidas app to get started!

Don’t see adiClub in your app? Don’t worry: we’re most likely working hard to make it available in your country!

What is adiClub?

adiClub is adidas’ customer loyalty program where members can earn points by using adidas apps.

Signing up is easy! Everyone with an account on our apps in adiClub countries is automatically a member of adiClub.

With four different levels offering exclusive members-only benefits and the chance to convert points into cool products, you’ll feel motivated to keep moving.

Earn points when you track activities, follow in-app workouts, or complete challenges. Points unlock different levels with incentives you can redeem at any time.

See Your adiClub Points

You can find your current point balance and membership level in your adiClub profile in the adidas Training and Running apps, in the adidas app, or by logging in and checking the ‘My Account’ section at adidas.com.

What do I get with adiClub?

Each level of adiClub offers unique experiences. Every time you move up a level, you get to keep your previously-unlocked rewards.

When you sign up for our apps, you will start at Level 1.

Level 1 gives you:

  • Your adiClub ID, which connects all adidas apps, websites, and communities (like adidas Runners)
  • Hyper access – the chance to shop exclusive, limited-edition adidas apparel
  • Personalized content to your inbox
  • Access to members-only products

At Level 2 (Unlocks at 1,000 points):

  • A birthday gift straight to your inbox
  • Three months of Premium membership for both apps 
  • Special offers

Level 3 (Unlocks at 3,000 points):

  • Early access to products
  • Personalization on selected adidas shoes and apparel

Level 4 (unlocks at 9,000 points):

  • Hype priority access
  • 1 year of Premium membership on us
  • Special event invites

How to earn adiClub points

There are plenty of ways to level up across the adidas Training and adidas Running apps. It’s simple: the more active you are, the more points you’ll collect. 

Use adidas Training to do a variety of workouts: Try a beginner’s workout inspired by Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” or relax with a calming yoga flow. On adidas Running, earn points when you track your next run, walk, or another eligible sport!

You can earn adiClub points when you sign up for challenges, like doing 120 minutes of workouts or running 30 km in one month.

Across the adidas universe, in-store and online, you can also collect points by shopping and reviewing products.

Can’t see points or levels on your adiClub profile? Not all countries have full adiClub features yet!

A new way to spend points

We’re giving members from some countries the chance to go even further with the points they earn! 

Not only can you use points to access different levels of rewards, but you can now spend your points directly in the US and UK.

You can spend points on vouchers that give you discounts on select adidas products.

Spending your points won’t affect your current level, so you can keep levelling up with adiClub.

Celebrate him, her, them, US during Members Week

Members Week takes place from September 30 to October 6. This 7-day digital festival is where adidas’ diverse fitness community comes together and gets the chance to earn even more adiClub points.

This year, Members Week will combine our community’s love of sport with a passion for progressive change. 

Discover the next generation of athletes, artists, and body-positive activists who are leaving their creative mark on adidas.

Celebrate adidas Members Week, Wakanda-style

Need some inspiration for your next workout? Get pumped with our Wakanda Forever Workouta full-body warrior workout inspired by the upcoming film from Marvel Studios, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.

This workout is part of our adidas Members Week challenge: your chance to get fit and earn 100 adiClub points.

We’re aiming for 300k collective hours of activity from September 30 to October 6.

Get started on adidas Training now!


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