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Hi hi! Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week. The Pilot was gone all week, so it was solo parent ops around here. We did the usual dance, soccer, homework, and school shuffle, enjoyed a dinner with madre and nana, and evening walks. The girls were awesome as always, but it takes a lot of mental energy to go all day until bedtime without someone to tag into the chaos. I’m pretty sure I’ll take a 3-hour nap this weekend lol.

Something else that’s been going on this week: sweet Caro has had a bit of a rough go. She’s an old gal and has some health issues, but things seemed to hit a peak this week. She was walking sideways and tripped over herself, and had multiple accidents in the house, so I called the vet. A few hours after it happened, she was acting normal again, but hasn’t been eating much. The vet is seeing her today, so we’ll see what they say. Thank you so much to those of you who have sent prayers and well wishes her way on IG.

What do you have going on this weekend? We have an event at the girls’ school, dinner plans with some friends, I’m catching a hot yoga class and teaching barre, and we’re celebrating my stepdad’s bday. I hope you have a fun and amazing weekend ahead.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party. 🙂 This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Friday Faves


A trip to the gem show with my mom! I had badges to go to the JOGS gem and jewelry show -it’s a smaller one, as the gigantic one is in February – and we decided to check it out. We were pretty surprised by the amount of vendors and the selection of sparkly jewelry, gems, and crystals. I got a couple of things for myself, bracelets and sparkly backpack keychains for the crew, and some extras to share with friends and give away here on the blog.

This year’s blog holiday giveaway is already looking pretty epic, I’ve gotta say…

Fashion + Beauty:

Let it be known that our tiny baby has an official skincare routine????? We wandered into Ulta because she was looking for face wash and moisturizer, and unfortunately the Beautycounter Coco cleanser wasn’t a good fit for her skin.

I wanted to get her something gentle with not-so-sketchy ingredients, and in the end, we decided on this face wash (which I’ve used in the past and it’s good for sensitive skin like ours) and this moisturizer. The moisturizer is hydrating without being greasy, and the combo of the two has been a good starting point for her skincare routine.

Your top picks from August! It’s always fun to look through analytics and see what products ya’ll are loving from the blog and my IG.

Here are reader friends’ top picks from August:

This ruched dress is super flattering and on sale right now! I wear mine all the time – I have a few colors – with low-top sneakers and sandals. You can also layer on a jean jacket.

The famous Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I live in mine all fall and winter and always wearing it around the house with my pajamas.

These Zella men’s shorts (on sale). They look so much like the lululemon ones are way less expensive.

My fave leggings of all-time. They have a perfect high waist, thicker fabric (but not too thick!), and can be worn for workouts and the world. $60.

These jeans! They’re a great in-between option (not skinny, but not wide-leg) at a time when jeans are weird. AG always fits well and lasts forever.

This gorgeous pink off-shoulder pullover.

This classic button-up top.

These earrings! I wear mine all the time and they look way more expensive than they are.

Fitness, health, + good eats:

If you haven’t tried this ice cream from Whole Foods, We had a lil dinner party last weekend and dessert with pizookie with all of the toppings (4 types of ice cream, cherries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, the kids went crazy for it). I got this ice cream, which as chocolate chips and peanut butter swirl. Usually peanut butter ice cream is disappointing because the flavor is muted and gets lost. This had huge ribbons of salty peanut buttery goodness that set my soul free. I’m not a huge ice cream person – give me cake or cookies any day – but I’ll definitely be getting this one again.

New blue light blockers! My friends at Oura sent me these glasses as a collaboration with Ra Optics. They’re VERY red lol but I notice a difference in sleep latency (the amount of time it takes to fall asleep), when I wear these after sundown. Blue light can inhibit our body’s ability to produce melatonin, which helps us wind down and fall asleep. We’re subject to blue light through lightbulbs and screens, and by blocking it out, it can help to reset circadian rhythm. The kids think I’m a wacko when I’m wearing these, but I think they’re super cool.

Weeknight meal inspiration.

Read, watch, listen:

What it’s like to parent in Denmark (I love this series!).

Check out this week’s podcast episode about Fertility Awareness Method here.

Happy Friday, friends!



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