Achieve Fitness Goals With the adidas Running & Training Apps



You want to…

  • … prepare for a marathon in just one month?
  • … run 10 km every day even though you’ve never been running before?
  • … run twice as fast in just a few days?

You might think this article will just tell you how to reach these goals.

But you’d be wrong.

These goals are unrealistic – plus, it would be extremely unhealthy for your body to try to reach these goals. 

Plus, you’d kill your own motivation by striving for such unreachable goals, feel disappointed, and probably toss your running shoes in the corner.

So what can you do instead? In this article, we are answering some of the most common questions about fitness goal-setting:

How Can You Make a Change?

If you want to make a change, the best approach is to set realistic goals:

  • If you’re a beginner, just run twice a week or gradually improve your 10K pace.
  • Once you’ve reached your goal, set the next one.

This way you will stay motivated and keep breaking out of your comfort zone. And with every goal you reach, your personal motivation and satisfaction increase!

How Can You Set Goals That Are Achievable?

Do you want to change, but your expectations are too high?

When you realize your (fitness) goal is unrealistic, it’s usually too late, because you’ve lost your drive. 

These 3 Tips Will Keep You Motivated on Your Fitness Journey:

1. Have short-term and long-term goals:
Decide on an individual goal. Consider, for example, how many kilometers you want to run or bike per day, week, month, or year, how many hours you want to walk daily, or how many times you want to go for a hike within a specific timeframe.

Turn your goals into achievements:

Work towards a 5K run, a 4-hour bike ride, three workouts in a week, or more: The “My Goals” feature in the adidas Running app helps you achieve your goals step by step. Check it out today!

2. Figure out whether you can pursue your goal long-term:
Before you start a totally new lifestyle, a training plan that continues for several months, or a serious diet, ask yourself, “Can I do this long-term?” If the answer is “no,” then you should probably look for a different solution or another goal. 

3. Track your progress:
Seeing results takes time. Having a way to track your progress and see small, weekly changes will keep you motivated. The right tools will help you get to where you want to go: track your workouts with the adidas Running app and adidas Training app. You can find out more below.

How Can You Set Realistic, Achievable Goals in the adidas Running App?

The adidas Running app has a great motivational feature in place: you can set your own individual goals with “My Goals”.

Where to find “My Goals” in adidas Running:

Open the adidas Running app. Choose the tab “Progress”. Scroll to “My Goals”, and choose “Add Goal”. Here you can choose a sport type (e.g., running), a time frame (e.g., per month), and a goal type (e.g., hours/minutes). When you’ve decided on a personal goal, save it, and you’re ready to start working towards it!

With this feature, you can define whether you want to:

  • … run 500 km this year.
  • … hike or walk two hours a week.
  • … ride your bike four times per month. 

Whatever you want to achieve in your fitness journeyit’s up to you to decide! Just remember, when you set goals, keep them realistic to stay motivated long-term.

How Can You Set Short-Term Bodyweight Training Goals in the adidas Training App?

Do you want to work on your strength, but not follow a long-term training plan? Then, the Workout Creator in the adidas Training app is for you!

Where to find the “Workout Creator” in adidas Training:

Open the adidas Training app. Choose the tab “Workouts”. Scroll to “Workout Creator”, and choose “Let’s Get Started”. Here you can select the duration, target body parts (e.g., arms), select a difficulty level (e.g., basic), and choose whether you want to use equipment for your workout or not. You can even ask for a “neighbor-friendly” customized workout without any jumping or loud movements!

Once you’ve selected everything, you can start exercising by pressing the button “Generate Workout”.

With this feature, you can:

  • … create a customized workout in seconds.
  • …complete a workout, even if you only have ten minutes to fit it in.
  • … target specific body parts.

The Workout Creator makes fitting in home workouts with the time you have easy, sweaty, and effective.


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