At 63 Years Old, Powerlifter David Ricks Deadlifts 628 Pounds for 5 Reps


David Ricks has been a competitive powerlifter in some fashion since February of 1981. Now at the age of 63, the 10-time International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Champion continues to push himself with his strength and training to open eyes on sanctioned lifting platforms. 

On August 23, 2022, Ricks (93KG) shared Instagram footage of himself deadlifting 284.5 kilograms (628 pounds) raw for five reps. Ricks donned a lifting belt and wrist wraps to help him with the feat.

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According to the Masters 3 powerlifter (ages 60-69), the staggering pull session is part of Ricks’ ongoing preparation for the 2022 IPF World Classic & Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships. That contest will take place on October 8-15 in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.

Judging by how his 2022 competitive year has gone thus far, that may be another productive contest for Ricks.

In late February, while competing in the 93-kilogram division, Ricks took first place in both the Open and Masters 3 divisions at the 2022 U.S. Virgin Islands Powerlifting Federation (USVIPF) Classic & Equipped National Championships. He followed that performance with a first-place Masters 3 result at the 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in early June. That contest also saw Ricks break three IPF raw World Records.

Here’s a rundown of his top stats from Sun City, South Africa:

David Ricks (93KG) | 2022 IPF Worlds Top Stats (Masters 3)

  • Squat — 305 kilograms (672.4 pounds) — Masters 3 IPF Raw World Record
  • Bench Press — 202.5 kilograms (446.4 pounds) — Masters 3 IPF Raw World Record
  • Deadlift —  265 kilograms (584.2 pounds)
  • Total — 772.5 kilograms (1,703.1 pounds) — Masters 3 IPF Raw World Record

According to Open Powerlifting, Ricks’ current Masters 3 raw world records are much higher than the next closest lifts. His squat is 65 kilograms (143.3 pounds) heavier than Jósef Gromek in second, his bench press is 45 kilograms (99.2 pounds) more than Ilkka Launonen just behind him, and his total is 117.5 kilograms (259 pounds) above Gromek once again. 

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In a career that spans back more than four decades, here’s an overview of Ricks’ all-time competition bests:

David Ricks | All-Time Best Raw Competition Bests

  • Squat — 325.5 kilograms (717.6 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 210 kilograms (462.9 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 325 kilograms (716.5 pounds)
  • Total — 830 kilograms (1,829.8 pounds)

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Grinding Away

Ricks usually makes it a point to share noteworthy training feats on his Instagram profile in preparation for competition and otherwise. For example, before completing this most recent deadlift session, the Masters 3 powerlifter squatted 277.1 kilograms (611 pounds) for six reps in mid-August. A squat routine from July saw the athlete capture a 244.9-kilogram (540-pound) squat for an eight-rep personal record (PR). 

Whatever Ricks focuses on with his training appears to transfer well to official competition. That could make his next appearance in Canada a memorable one. The 2022 IPF World Classic & Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships will occur on October 8-15, 2022, in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.

Featured image: @ricks.david on Instagram


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