Israeli fertility startup AIVF announced Tuesday it had acquired ART Compass, a company that makes lab management software for in vitro fertilization.

AIVF’s main product is the EMA platform, which it says uses artificial intelligence to assess embryo quality during IVF treatment. The company said the deal will add to its offering and help it build momentum in the U.S. market. 

ART Compass’ founder Carol Lynn Curchoe will join AIVF as director of medical affairs. The company plans to integrate the newly acquired software into the EMA platform in the first quarter next year. 

“This first acquisition adds novel capabilities for the expansion and integration of our FertilityOS in clinics,” said AIVF CEO and cofounder Daniella Gilboa, , said in a statement. “Strategic industry partnerships like this support our mission to accelerate the digital transformation of fertility care.”


Founded in 2018, AIVF received a European CE mark for its EMA platform last year. It recently scooped up $25 million in Series A funding, which the company plans to use to expand adoption of its technology in the U.S. and Europe.

There are a number of health tech startups tackling fertility as more companies offer benefits for fertility care like IVF.

Another company touting AI-assisted IVF technology is Alife Health, which this week launched its platform that aims to help clinics make decisions during the IVF process and streamline workflow. The company announced a $22 million raise in March and a $9.5 million seed in May 2021. 

Kindbody has also been expanding its fertility services. Earlier this year, Kindbody purchased Vios Fertility Institute, a network of fertility clinics. It’s also added in-house genetic testing and surrogacy services through acquisitions in 2022.  


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