Review – Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier


Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier Review

Here’s an Air Purifier containing Numerous Health Benefits!  It’s called Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier.  The top can let out warm and cool mist according to your preference.  It is also an Ultrasonic Air Humidifier for Baby Plants Kids with an Essential Oil Tray.  It is quiet and doesn’t make a lot of noise.  It’s considered a whisper.  It’s filterless, and you can use it manually or by remote control.

Why Should You Use the Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier?

By adding moisture to the air, humidifiers may be beneficial for several medical conditions.

What are the Benefits of Using Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier?

1. Preventing influenza
Authors of one study trusted Source noted that humidifiers might reduce the risk of catching the flu. After adding the influenza virus to the air with a simulated cough, researchers found that humidity levels above 40 percent rapidly deactivated virus particles, making them much less likely to be infectious.

2. Making a cough more productive
Dry air can cause a person to have a dry, unproductive cough. Adding humidity to the air can get more moisture into the airways, making a cough more productive. A productive cough releases trapped or sticky phlegm.

3. Reducing snoring
Increasing the amount of moisture in the air can also reduce snoring. If the air is dry, a person’s airways are less likely to be sufficiently lubricated, making snoring worse.

Adding humidity to the air by running a humidifier at night may help to relieve some symptoms.

4. Keeping the skin and hair moist
Some people notice that their skin, lips, and hair become dry and fragile in the winter.

Many heating units pump hot, dry air through the house or office, making the skin dry, itchy, or flaky. Cold air outside can also dry out the skin.

Using a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor air may help reduce dry, cracked skin.

5. Benefits for the home
Moisture from a humidifier can be helpful around the home. Any moisture-loving houseplants may become more vibrant, and wood floors or furniture may last longer. Humidity can also help to prevent the wallpaper from cracking and static electricity from building up.

Humid air can also feel warmer than dry air, which could help a person save money on utility bills in the winter months.

What does the Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier Come With?

  • Warm and Cool Mist: With a 360° rotating nozzle, the humidifier provides both cool mist and warm mist to relieve you from congestion, sinus, dry skin, nosebleeds, cold, and flu.
  • Easy to Refill and Clean: The top-fill humidifier cleans and refills quickly and spill-free. Easily see the current water level through the transparent water gauge on the side.
  • Dry Air Relief for Large Room: Enjoy long-lasting mist that humidifies up to 250 sq. ft. in rooms, offices, nurseries, apartments, and college dorms for up to 50 straight hours, thanks to the 6-liter reservoir with a super high mist output.
  • Remote Control and Whisper Quiet: Freely use the remote control to operate the humidifier anywhere in the room. Keep the humidifier for the bedroom running throughout the night with the noise level at only 24dB.
  • Digital Control Panel and Smart Timer: The digital LED control panel makes it easy to choose functions. Set the timer at 1/2/4/8 hours and use the night light freely to meet your needs.
  • Auto Mode and Essential Oils Diffuser: The built-in sensor automatically adjust mist output based on the ambient humidity level around you. Shuts off automatically when out of water. Add your favorite essential oils to the essential oil tray to enjoy a fragrant experience.

What do I think of The Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier?

I have an air purifier by Okaysou by my bedside, and this one is the Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier I put by my husband’s bedside.  When covid came out, my husband got the first strain of it.  He lost his smell and taste from it.  He still has not gotten his smell and taste back.  I like theOkaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier because I can put essential oils in it.

While no proven treatment is available, olfactory training is recommended because it is generally safe and severe side effects are implausible,” says Dr. David Valencia, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Although you can use scents around your home like foods and candles, Valencia and Holbrook suggest essential oils as a tool for smell training, as these potent and concentrated scents may help promote recovery. Holbrook cites one study that uses four distinct scents to facilitate recovery: lemon, eucalyptus, rose, and clove.

These are the oils I use every night.  It will take time, but hopefully, it will help wake up his senses.

Every air purifier I got from Okaysou worked fabulously, and theOkaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier is outstanding.

I highly recommend it.

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