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Teeth are the human body’s biological cutters that help slash food materials. Teeth are beneficial to the appearance of our bodies. They bring a decent feature that makes a great impression on others. Given the circumstances, no one wants their teeth to appear yellow or dirty. Whenever a person smiles, the teeth are the center of the attraction. If there’s something wrong, it would be noticeable. For personal and cosmetic use, teeth whitening is done to a large extent. They are in great demand. The main reason for teeth whitening is for major cosmetic reasons that have boosted the cosmetic industry. And the procedure for it is really easy and simple. But sometimes, it can be costly. People with sensitive oral cavities have a major problem because sensation is a big task. So, people having the issue should opt for the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth as per their comfortability. There are so many products to buy for a whitening treatment that is quite effective. Some of the best of them are described over here.

Best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth in India- 

Here are some of the best Teeth whitening options for people with sensitive teeth.

Colgate visible teeth whitening toothpaste –  

  • Colgate is the most trusted and best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth and normal.
  • The great thing about this product is the fast reaction of enamel with toothpaste. The yellowish coloration can disappear within hours after applying the Colgate visible teeth whitening toothpaste.
  • Additional quality is the mint flavor which gives a soothing fresh breath to the mouth and makes the oral cavity much healthier.
  • The paste should be applied twice a day before breakfast and after dinner.

Pepsodent Germicheck toothpaste –  

  • Two things that can be beneficial from applying this toothpaste are preventing tooth decay and removing yellowish greasiness from the crown of the teeth.
  • It removes plaque from the teeth that helps in getting clean white teeth.
  • It also helps restore the oral and buccal cavity by removing HCL that hydrochloric acid from the surface of the teeth.

Healthvit Charcoal-activated toothpaste for teeth whitening – 

  • It is one of the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. It contains loads of charcoal, an organic chemical compound that helps remove any biological stains.
  • As seen from sensitive teeth points, Healthvit toothpaste helps prevent the sensation of pain and point vibration. 
  • The charcoal introduced into the toothpaste numbs the teeth so that the compound can activate and initiate a reaction in removing stains from teeth and help build a healthy oral cavity.

Himalaya herbal sparkling White toothpaste – 

  • It is also considered a regular toothpaste not significant for sensitive teeth, but it is herbal, making it unique from other toothpaste. 
  • The whitening quality from Himalaya herbal sparkling white toothpaste is sapwood drops oriented, which helps build natural white coloration within one week.
  • Children aged six years can use this toothpaste and clear the yellowish staining from teeth by applying it.

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Sensodyne whitening toothpaste – 

  • Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate and Xanthan Gum, which help in sharp short sensitive pain, are included in this toothpaste, making it effective and operative.
  • It is plant extracted as well as includes inorganic solutes. The toothpaste helps remove staining and produces whitening and low contrast morphological features on the enamel of the teeth.
  • Applying this toothpaste twice a day, morning and evening, is required.

Nicotex teeth whitening mint plus – 

  • It is oriented to the population who smokes cigarettes. It is chewing gum that helps remove nicotine from the body but also helps in major teeth whitening. Smokers who frequently smoke build excessive amounts of HCL on the teeth’ enamel, degrading the teeth’ appearance. 
  • It is paved for teeth whitening because of the chemical calcium carbonate, a secondary ingredient in the gum that prevents pain and sensation from sensitive teeth.

Lever Ayush whitening toothpaste with rock salt – 

Best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

  • Sendha Namak & Arimedadi Thailam are introduced in this toothpaste with rock salt that improves the white coloration of the teeth, makes the enamel well appeared, and strengthens it due to turmeric mixture, which helps in healthy teeth formation. Eventually, reducing the pain of the senses for the sensitive teeth.
  • It is one of the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth as it is ayurvedic, which makes the possibilities of side effects zero and the chances of accomplishment of the treatment to a very large extent.
  • Oral cavity maintenance is also provided by lever Ayush whitening toothpaste.

Sensopil Gel – 

Best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

  • The major ingredients are potassium nitrate and Sodium mono fluorophosphate with triclosan in the Sensepil gel.
  • It is a medicinal gel used for numbness or sensitivity during whitening. Acts as a supplement product used before applying toothpaste to decrease sensation-sensitive teeth. It helps by accumulating a generalized environment that helps in building low-activity oral cavities.
  • It is useful for hypersensitive teeth person.

Man code Teeth Whitening – 

Best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

  • A mixture of activated charcoal and coconut shell makes the whitening much more effective than other normal toothpaste. The sensitivity is reduced by tightening of gums as the man code teeth whitening does the compression action on teeth. 
  • It is mostly a medicinal product bought only by prescription by dentists.

Hydent k Toothpaste – 

Best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

  • It helps in dental caries, which is an enamel deformation disease. The Hydrant k toothpaste helps teeth whitening, as the triclosan ingredient helps in removing oily, greasy, and yellowish stains from the teeth.
  • The xanthous help provides a shield that prevents the lipophilic surfactant materials from entering the surface of the teeth, thus stopping the process of adsorption.

Things to avoid after whitening – 

You should avoid meals that are likely to lead to re-staining or irritate sensitive teeth after teeth whitening –

  • Drinking Wine and alcoholic liquors – 

Because the acidic medium of the alcohol harms the calcium carbonate, a greater amount of gaseous stain is produced.

  • Eating citric acid fruits – 

The acidity in HCl is much more than in normal weak acids. The citric acid reacts with HCL making it stronger. It can erode the whitening of the teeth after the treatment.

  • Drinking coffee and tea – 

The tanning and porous substance in coffee and tea can suddenly make the teeth brown after whitening.

  • Candies and chocolates –

Sweeteners can cause erosion and distortion after whitening.

Foods and drinks to consume after whitening of teeth 

However, there are several foods that you may enjoy throughout the post-whitening period. They are as follows –

  1. Cheese
  2. Tofu
  3. Mineralized water
  4. Meat products (Boiled)
  5. Curd
  6. Rice 
  7. Idli and Dosa
  8. Boiled Green Veggies

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Final Thought

Whitening is the process of making teeth more low contrast and fair with high complexation. The process of whitening can be surgical as well as household therapy. You can apply these Home remedies via gels and toothpaste enumerated as the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. You can take care of the sensitivity sincerely as it can develop a much worse pain. There are several products to clean teeth and whiten them. Always wash the teeth thoroughly with plain water before applying the toothpaste to remove the calamities from the teeth gums. The sensitive area of the oral cavity is treated with simmering water to reduce pain. The last longing effects can develop through ayurvedic products. You can prevent Oral and dental carries by applying this toothpaste due to evident nutrients and chemicals.


Is the whitening process costly?

If it is surgical, the dentist’s clinic charge can range from Rs.3500 to Rs.7000. Otherwise, applying toothpaste and gels is cost-efficient.

Does whitening worsen the pain of sensitive teeth?

If the toothpaste has activating ingredients like citric acid, it can worsen the pain. Always apply charcoal-containing toothpaste for minimal pain experience.

How long does it take for teeth whitening?

One week of continuously brushing with toothpaste is recommended.

Is dental cleaning important before teeth whitening?

Yes, to prevent oxidation of whitening materials from germs and food particles.


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