15 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water on an Empty Stomach


Did you know that regularly drinking hot water is inexpensive and easy to keep oneself healthy? There are many other beneficial ingredients like lemon, ginger, honey, turmeric, etc., which we can intake with warm water. But there are also many reasons we should drink plain hot water regularly, especially on an empty stomach. At most, there are only a few thousand out of a billion people on this planet who are aware of the holistic benefits of drinking hot water in the morning and evening on empty stomachs. The rest of the population prefers drinking cold or regular water at room temperature. Although cold or regular water is heavenly on a hot sunny day and refreshing, it causes long-term drawbacks to one’s health. Hot water does not include hot beverages. Caffeine and nicotine in most hot beverages give rise to diseases and damage the body. Furthermore,  In this article, You will learn about the benefits of drinking warm water every day. 

Importance of Hot water therapy –

Hot water therapy will provide you with many benefits in life, healthwise, based on science. It is the most prominent medicine to be taken on earth. So what does hot water therapy say? 

“The hot water therapy says that drinking hot water is like bathing in gold.”

Drinking hot water revolutionizes life. The science behind this is much more profound. Drinking hot water temporarily increases the internal temperature of the body. When you drink hot water or warm baths, the body’s endocrine system gets activated, and you start to release your seat. The excess heat produced is eliminated through sweating, and thus the body’s normal temperature is maintained. While sweating is uncomfortable, getting rid of harmful toxins and irritants is essential. 

Why drinking hot water can be good for you?

Benefits of drinking hot water in toxic removal:

  • The nervous system deposits get destroyed. 
  • The joints in the body will not suffer any problems.
  • Aids to maintaining a healthy weight 
  • The stamina in the body will increase tenfold. 
  • It is necessary for the digestive and respiratory systems.
  • It cleans the nostrils by melting and releasing nasal mucus.  

Ideally, we should intake hot water on an empty stomach in the morning to drive the best out of it. You might wonder why you should drink hot water. After all, it’s not like it tastes good or makes your mouth feel refreshed. It might even make you gag a little bit if you don’t prepare it right. But you probably aren’t aware of some surprising benefits of drinking hot water. Hot water is the best way to stay hydrated. It’s also great for your skin, hair, nails, and body because it helps you lose weight.

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15 Super Surprising Benefits of Drinking Hot Water – 

Here are some other benefits of drinking hot water:

  • Flush out toxins from the body- 

Drinking hot water first thing in the morning helps flush out the toxins from our system. Removing toxins from the body ensures the proper functioning of the organs, thus increasing our metabolism. The more we drink hot water, the more our body cleanses itself. 

  • Regular bowel movements- 

Drinking hot water on an empty stomach in the morning improves and enhances bowel movements. Thus it helps to regulate the digestive system of the body. If you feel constipated, try drinking plenty of hot water. It will help cleanse the digestive tract, including the intestines, and get relief from stomach irritations. 

  • Boost up the metabolism of the body- 

Drinking hot water benefits Include improved digestion. Drinking hot water helps cleanse the body and remove toxins from body. Hence, it ensures proper digestion and other bodily functions. This revamps our metabolism, and thus we feel more energized and fresh all day. 

  • Helps reduce stubborn Fat/weight- 

Studies have shown that drinking warm beverages can boost metabolism by helping your body burn calories faster during exercise or just sitting around at home doing nothing! Water has zero calories, so we can drink it as much as we want. Water quenches thirst and also helps to get relief from uncontrollable hunger for a short time. The heat from this type of beverage also encourages your body to release more fat from storage within cells (fat cells), which means they’ll be burned off more quickly than usual—so definitely consider giving this one a try if you’re looking for a way to shed those pounds! 

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Dehydration is one of the prominent reasons for headaches. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning ensures our body gets instant hydration and thus prevents unwanted headaches. 

What’s more, drinking hot water in the morning helps to steer clear of bad breath and other oral issues. 

  • Helps to get glowing and radiant skin- 

Drinking hot water clears toxins from the body. Keeps the body hydrated and improves digestion and bowel movement. All of these contribute to lesser skin problems, thus enhancing the complexion of the skin for a brighter and fresh appearance. 

  • Develops a healthy appetite- 

Drinking hot water in the morning on an empty stomach clears all the waste and toxins in the body, thus improving the body’s metabolism. We feel more energized, and hence our hunger increases. Our bodies can now get filled with a healthy, satisfying breakfast. 

  • Promote healthy and shiny hair- 

Drinking plenty of hot water also enhances the quality of hair growth. Minerals from water are essential for the body to maintain growth and development. It can promote shiny, lustrous hair. 

Drink hot water regularly first thing in the morning and throughout the day and prevent the formation of kidney stones. In most cases, small existing kidney stones are eliminated through the urine by drinking hot water abundantly.

  • Strengthen the immune system of the body- 

Drinking plenty of hot water helps to strengthen and promote a healthy immune system. Removing toxins from the body can help eliminate unwanted infections and diseases. 

  • Reduce stress and fatigue – 

Drinking hot water calms and relaxes the central nervous system. This helps decrease stress levels and avoid fatigue. Hot water is the best way to stay hydrated and keep your skin looking fresh. Not only does it help your body stay healthy, but it can also help you reduce your stress levels and feel better mentally.

  • Reduces body aches and cramps –

It is a natural pain reliever. It is natural to have aches in different body parts such as the back, neck, joints, and feet. Drinking plenty of hot water passively helps reduce these aches and cramps by soothing the central nervous system. 

It helps you sleep better at night. Drinking hot water before bedtime helps reduce anxiety and stress levels so that you can get a good night’s sleep!

  • Reduce bloating and nausea- 

Drinking hot water helps move food through your digestive tract more quickly, which reduces bloating and nausea. Hot showers or baths also help relax muscles in the digestive tract, which can prevent the unpleasant symptoms of indigestion brought on by too much eating or drinking too fast.

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Quick Tips:

  • It’s best to drink Warm water first thing in the morning, even before you brush your teeth. 
  • It is also beneficial to drink hot water right before bed. Be sure to drink only a few sips before crashing the bed to avoid toilet visits. 
  • Make sure the water is not searing hot. Do not drink boiling hot water as it will burn your throat and food pipe. Ideally, the temperature should be 45-60 degrees celsius. 
  • Use a kettle to warm up water in no time. 
  • Store hot water in a vacuum-insulated thermos flask to keep it warm.
  • Replace your unhealthy snacks by drinking a cup of hot water.
  • Replace your meal drinks with hot water.  
  • You can also store hot water in a copper jug or flask. Copper is a natural toxic removal agent. 


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