Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?


Daryl McCormack

Daryl McCormack

It’s that time of year again! *spins, twirls* We’re asking that age-old question: Who’s your celebrity crush? Mine is CUTE…

Daryl McCormack

Irish actor Daryl McCormack. I first saw him alongside Emma Thompson in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, the British comedy-drama about a retired teacher who hires a sex worker. McCormack was beyond charismatic with an adorable half smile — and now says he and Thompson are “best friends.”

Daryl McCormack

Also, he’s funny! In a Vogue interview about his childhood in Ireland, McCormack reminisced about how he’d make his grandmother laugh so much she’d have to “hobble into her en suite.”

Daryl McCormack

This fall, when I flipped on Sharon Horgan’s gripping dark comedy Bad Sisters (have you seen it?), I was thrilled to see McCormack stroll onscreen as a hunky insurance agent. Actor Brian Gleeson, who plays his brother, told the New York Times that at first McCormack couldn’t keep it together through their scenes. “Daryl is a giggler all right, but obviously a consummate professional,” Gleeson said. “At one point, Daryl just kind of burst out laughing. But it had a great effect of relaxing everybody… He’s got a lovely gentle sort of disposition.”

daryl McCormack

Final confession: I am a sucker (a SUCKER!) for an Irish accent. Sometimes, on bad days, I take long walks, get fresh air, and listen to podcasts featuring Irish comedians. One of the episodes that has cheered me up over the years features a nine-minute Moth story by an up-and-coming Irish actor about his mom. An actor who is, I recently realized, none other than Daryl McCormack.

So! Who is your celebrity crush these days? Spill the beans below…

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