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Bought a high-quality mattress of late? Well done!! 

What did you say? You do not want to compromise on your sleep and hence invested heavily in buying the ‘best mattress around’? 

Good sleep is important for everyone. It prepares us to take up hard challenges for the next day. Good to know you value your sleep highly and this should be the reason why you have made a heavy investment in your mattress. Having invested so much, you would definitely want your mattress to withstand the ‘test of time’ and last really long, right? 

From your previous experiences, you would surely agree with us that our mattresses do not last as long as we want them to. Mattresses often get dirty or wet and this affects their lifespan adversely. The dirt or moisture can even lead to fungal and bacterial infections on the sleeper. 

No, we are not here to discourage you, particularly when you have just bought an expensive mattress!  All you want to tell you is that the Sleepsia mattress protectors can be the ‘hero’ that can protect your mattress from the usual ‘enemies’. It can increase the ‘lifespan’ of your mattress and help you extract the ‘optimum’ value from your investment. 

How can it do so? Why should you buy a Sleepsia mattress protector? We will discuss this in this blog. 

Benefits of buying a mattress protector

Well, there are manifold benefits a mattress protector can provide. Here, we are discussing just a few of those-

  • Gives you a breathable sleeping experience

This premium mattress protector from Sleepsia is made of soft fabric to give you an airy and breathable sleeping experience. The high-quality fabric used in this protector prevents the mattress from overheating and regulates the heat to suit your body temperature. What you get as a result is a cool environment to sleep in. With its highly effective airflow function, the mattress protector prevents the buildup of moisture as well. 

A Sleepsia mattress protector can be an extremely beneficial addition to your bedding. It is made of a thin, waterproof material to keep your expensive mattress safe from liquids. These protectors are two-layered, with a soft, absorbent layer on top and a waterproof layer at the bottom, to stop liquids from getting to the surface of your mattress. If you are looking to protect your mattress from blood, beverages, other accidental spills, and pets, the Sleepsia mattress protector is just what you need.

Get Sleepsia Mattress Protector

  • Efficiently designed to ensure complete protection

A Sleepsia mattress protector includes a deep pocket mattress pad to ensure complete protection to your mattress. Because of the deep pocket design of the cover, it is easier to accommodate mattresses of different thicknesses in it. Moreover, the 360° strong elastic band attached to it makes sure that the cover does not shift or slide while used. It is also easy to remove the mattress from the protector after use. 

  • Keeps the mattress strain-free & hygienic

Do you enjoy having breakfast in bed on a regular basis? Do you have a pet who likes your mattress too much? Do you have a baby with frequent nighttime accidents?

If the answer to all the above questions is an emphatic ‘Yes’, the premium mattress protector from Sleepsia can be the savior for your mattress. It will absorb all the ‘beating’ and would keep your mattress stain-free and clean. It will put a protective barrier around your expensive mattress to keep it fresh and hygienic. Keeping your mattress hygienic is important as we spend 8 to 10 hours, on an average, lying on our mattresses. This is necessary for your own health and that of your family members as well. So, go for the Sleepsia mattress protector and keep you and your family free from bacteria, sweat, pet hair, bed bugs, fleas, dust particles, food crumbs etc.

You do not need to worry at all about cleaning the Sleepsia mattress protector. It can be easily washed in a washing machine, with a mild detergent. This will also save you from periodic cleaning of your expensive and heavy mattress, which is such a difficult affair when it gets dirty. 

  • Protects you from allergies

An uncovered mattress can be a ‘bastion’ of harmful allergens. Bed bugs and mites are the most common and these can have an adverse effect on human health. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you must protect your mattress from these allergens. The Sleepsia mattress protector has hypoallergenic features. It has tightly woven covers and casings to provide a barrier to these household parasites so that they do not get access to your sensitive skin. The mattress protector will prevent bacterial growth and will keep you away from various allergies. Furthermore, this premium mattress protector prevents us from shedding body oils and skin onto our mattresses. As the mattress protector can be washed easily, any bed bugs or dust mites that may have landed on it get killed off during the washing and drying process.

  • Make the best of the ‘trail offer’ of your new mattress

Most new mattresses come with risk-free trial periods lasting up to a full year. However, such a trial offer usually comes with a condition that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it, albeit, in a clean and presentable condition. Now, if, during the trial period, you try to return a mattress with wear and tear, stains, or other such signs, the terms of your trial may become void and you may not get a refund. Therefore, we would advise you to give your new mattress the much-needed protection of the Sleepsia mattress protector and make the best use of the trial offer, if you have any. 


Hope the discussion above gave you a clear idea if you were wondering whether mattress protectors were necessary for you. These premium mattress protectors from Sleepsia are a must if you want to prolong the lifespan of your new or older mattress and keep your sleeping space hygienic. Order the Mattress protector now to know more.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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