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“It’s so much more than a physical transformation.”

Those are the words of one of my beautiful clients, and I realized they are a perfect description of my own journey as well.

I’m Elizabeth from Happy Healthy and Hot. I’m a 56-year-old double-certified health coach who helps women of all ages lose weight so they can love their bodies AND their lives. I’m passionate about showing them that it feels so good to feel so good and that it’s not just about the destination of better health, it’s about who you become on the journey.

Back in 2016, approaching my 50th birthday, I was featured as a success story here on MDA. I shared my health journey of finally clearing the cystic acne that had plagued me for decades, along with relieving severe anxiety and digestive issues. This was all a result of embracing the Primal lifestyle.

Recently I re-read that article and was moved to tears. In it, I mentioned three goals: to become certified as a Primal Health Coach, to start my coaching business, and write a book. I have accomplished all of that and so much more.

Earning my Primal Health Coach certification in 2017 took me so much deeper into the science and research that backs up this lifestyle, and gave me the tools, knowledge, and most importantly the confidence to finally start my coaching business, Happy Healthy and Hot. I offer a unique blend of mindset, nutrition and fitness, and have a knack for turning overwhelming health information into quick little tips that my clients can implement immediately and see results.

And then I wrote that book! The Happy Healthy and Hot Journal – 90 Days to Love Your Body and Your Life is the simple tool that I needed, my clients needed, and I knew other women needed to stay on track with mindset, nutrition and fitness every single day.

Something else I’m proud of is making it to the finals of the Maxim Cover Girl competition at the age of 53, competing with women in their twenties and thirties. The old Elizabeth never would have done this, but the new Elizabeth embraces challenges head on, takes inspired action, and says yes when it’s a full body yes.

A recent challenge that I’ve taken on is to give myself a gift that no one else can give me: a visible six pack for my 56th birthday. (Full disclosure: I’ve never had a six pack, even when I was hitting the gym hard in my early twenties.) Every time I take on a challenge like this it lights me up, and the confidence and satisfaction that come with reaching the goal carry over and propel me forward in other areas of my life.

And speaking of life, it gets in the way sometimes, just like it does for everyone. It’s during those times, when the sh*t is hitting the fan, that I see the true value of my health practices. The simple routines that I have in place for mindset, nutrition and fitness keep me on track no matter what is going on around me.

I am always tweaking my health and fitness routine, but ultimately it’s not that different from what I shared back in 2016. Every day starts with an early morning walk, which is so much more than exercise. It’s about getting out in nature and that valuable early morning light exposure. Next is my coffee, quiet journaling time, and a very efficient 20-minute workout that’s mostly bodyweight resistance. I walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and much more than that if I’m hiking or on the beach.

I teach my clients to “prioritize protein and produce” which is exactly what I do in my own life. It works anywhere, from a convenience store to a five-star restaurant. But my favorite place to eat is my own home, where I have complete control of the quality and preparation. There’s something very satisfying about preparing simple, delicious food with the best ingredients.

Now that nutrition comes so easily to me, I’m finding myself drawn to spending more time outdoors and reaping the benefits of natural light exposure and grounding. As I focus more on strength and endurance, my next challenge will be completing the Primal Fitness Coach Certification, to expand my knowledge and the service I provide to my clients.

Elizabeth stands in front of a pool wearing blue and black bikini.

The reason I keep challenging myself is simple: it feels so good to feel so good! Optimizing my health has created a positive ripple effect on every area of my life, and being able to share my journey and inspire others through social media is turning that ripple into a powerful wave.

In closing, health goals are about so much more than reaching a destination. It’s about who you become along the way. And the best way to get there is to take action with your vision in mind. This is what kept me going while I was working on my six pack. Every meal I prepared, every workout I competed, every affirmation that I spoke was done with a clear picture in my head of how amazing it was going to feel when I reached my goal. In the words of Neville Goddard, “The feeling is the secret.”

Back to the client that I quoted in the beginning: Laura has lost over 25 pounds by implementing my simple tips and tweaks. But even better, she has a newfound confidence and zest for life. Approaching her sixties she is feeling better than she has in years, truly loving her body AND her life. And that’s what this is all about.

This article was provided as part of our Success Stories series from Elizabeth, a long-time member of the Mark’s Daily Apple community. Elizabeth originally shared her story with us six years ago, and while we were impressed then, we’re blown away now. Congratulations, Elizabeth, and happy birthday! Your success is well deserved. We hope you find her story, and her positive attitude, as inspiring as we do.  If you have your own success story and would like to share it, please reach out to us here.

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