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What’s Something You Splurged on That Was Worth It?

What’s Something You Splurged on That Was Worth It?


Joanna goddard Alex Williams

Earlier this summer, Alex and I went to our friend’s birthday dinner…

…and I swiped on a reddish-pink lip color that lasted ALL night. It lasted through the cab ride to the restaurant, through the Negronis that were handed to us right as we walked in the door, through the decadent bread basket, through funny conversations, through teary toasts, through the red-velvet cake, even through the cab ride back home. I actually had to wipe it off before washing my face. Four hours later!

What’s this holy grail lipstick? The Westman Atelier palette.

The price is splurge-y, but here’s why I went for it: you get four lipsticks in one — fuchsia, brick red, tomato red, dusty rose — and they’re all gorgeous. Because you apply with your finger (or a brush), you can create a rich, glamorous look, or you can smear on just a little bit to feel sexy and natural. I’ve tried a gazillion lip colors, and, to be honest, this one just makes me feel so pretty!

What about you? I’d love to hear what you think is worth the splurge. And as for a steal, I still stand by this $6 lip cream.

(Photo of Alex and me from Instagram.)


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