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Four Fun Things | Cup of Jo

Four Fun Things | Cup of Jo


Indian matchmaking

Have you seen Indian Matchmaking? The reality dating show is funny, compelling and fast paced, but the NPR podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour did a great episode about the backlash it has gotten, as well. Journalist Priya Krishna said: “Is this show a great idea? Yes. Is this show highly entertaining? Yes. Is it really, really hard to watch? Yes. It’s hard to see a show normalize casteism and sexism and colorism and provide zero context for any of that.” What are your thoughts? (Also, interested to watch this documentary.)

Laura Lombardi ring

My friend wears a dome ring, and the shape always looks so beautiful and graceful on her hand. I also dig these earrings, which have a similar chunky vibe.

creamy white beans vegan recipe

My vegan friend is visiting, so last night we made these creamy white beans. (We used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.) The NYTimes recipe is only available for subscribers, but Epicurious features it here.

Babak Ganjei

Babak Ganjei

The London-based artist Babak Ganjei makes me laugh. Love his weirdo sense of humor.

P.S. More fun things, and five comedy scenes we love.

(Beans photo by Linda Xiao for The New York Times.)


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